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Hans Grimme was born in Vienna. He passed the Vienna Business School (former Handelsakademie). After that, he did an internship at the fourth biggest producer of metal fittings at that time (Mepla, now Grass). In 1978 he started his career in his father`s company, gathered practical experience as a sales representative and later took over the leadership of the export department.


In the following years, he was entrusted with further roles and responsibilities in the company, e.g. as Head of Sales and Head of Product Development. Since his 30th birthday he has been leading the firm together with his father and company founder Johann Grimme. In 2009, when his father had to leave the management due to bad health, Hans Grimme took over all management responsibilities and is now presiding the management board.


Hans Grimme is operatively active in the daily business. On his weekly agenda are at least two up to three days of business travel, in order to foster relations with customers and suppliers.

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