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Since its inception in 1955 the Grimme GmbH has become a leading force in the furniture industry and in the international trade of handles and fittings. 60 successful years give reason to celebrate.



2015 is the year of anniversary at the Grimme GmbH: The Austrian family owned firm, headquartered in Guntramsdorf near Vienna, is celebrating 60 years. For two generations, the Grimme GmbH has been successful in the worldwide trade of handles, furniture  fittings and functional handles and has played an active role as a supplier of the furniture, kitchen and bathroom industry. The formerly small sales company has turned into a global partner of the furniture industry and of the international trade of handles and metal fittings.


An Austrian Success Story

1955 was the year when the Bayerischen Motorenwerke (BMW) manufactured the first Isetta, one million VW beetles were mobilising a high percentage of the population, Heinz Erhard made people laugh, Caterina Valente and Evelyn Künneke were on top of the charts with hits like “Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe“ or  „Du bist ein Tiger“.  It was during these euphoric times and with exactly the same euphoria and much pioneer spirit when Johann Grimme laid the foundation stone for his firm that has been successful nationally and internationally until today despite worldwide economic crisis. He started with a small trading company focussing on the distribution of furniture handles in Austria.


The following years saw the extension of the product portfolio and the enlargement of the warehouse capacities. In addition, new customers, partners and markets were added. Meanwhile, the Grimme GmbH is active far beyond the borders of Austria and Europe, particularly in Asia. The main markets are Italy and Germany. The latter is still the biggest and most important one. In 1998 the subsidiary in Linz-Pasching was opened. 


Today, the company is headed by the second generation. Hans Grimme has not only kept the company on its successful course, but has constantly built it up owing to innovative development of the product portfolio and his feeling for markets and people. One day he will pass it on to his son Johannes (third generation). „Everything is possible” seems to be the motto of the 100% entrepreneur Hans Grimme: “Especially in times that are assumed to be bad, a lot of chances may arise. It is important to perceive and take these chances. Keep calm, sometimes go the unconventional ways and show perseverance. I have learned this from my father.“

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