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Grimme GmbH is a traditional Austrian company in the South of Vienna and family owned since its foundation in 1955. The formerly small sales company has turned into a global partner of the furniture industry and of the international trade of handles and metal fittings.


In 1955, Johann Grimme Senior started the family business with a small sales firm and initially focussed on the Austrian market, distributing furniture handles. —












Three generations (from right to left): Managing Director Hans Grimme with his son Johannes, brother Wolfgang and his father, the founder Johann Grimme Senior


In the sixties, Johann Grimme Senior was holding general contracts with important European producers of handles and fittings and laid the foundation stone for today`s prosperous business relations with Italy.

Since the mid nineties, the international market has been continiously conquered by his son Hans Grimme and his cousin Harald Palmhert. 1998 saw the opening of the subsidiary in Linz-Pasching.


Hans Grimme has not only kept the company on its successful course, but has constantly built it up owing to innovative development of the product portfolio and his feeling for markets and people. After a severe stroke of his father Hans Grimme took over all management responsibilities in 2009. The Grimme GmbH is now ranging among the leading distributors and producers of handles and metal fittings and has become a global partner of the international furniture industry and trade of handles. Main purchasors are customers in the EU, but also in America, Asia and Australia, with Germany and Italy being the two biggest ones.




For 25 years Grimme handles and fittings have been produced in the Far East. Our long-term partners dispose of the most modern production lines (state-of-the-art eloxal- and galvanic baths) for the treatment of various surfaces (zinc mould, steel, stainless steel and aluminum).


Excellent quality management

"We set great store by quality, a wide range of products and sophisticated design", says Hans Grimme. "Our products are quality-checked several times from production to dispatch and delivery."


From Austria into the world

The two storage facilities in Guntramsdorf and Pasching with a capacity of 4 million pieces are among the largest of its kind in Europe. From there, we deliver "just in time" to kitchen and bathroom producers, do-it-yourself stores, and wholesale dealers.







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